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A New Vacation Photography Experience

photography vacanva Mar 03, 2020

As long as there have been humans on this earth, family portraiture has existed. No, cavemen didn’t exactly have a ring light and a fancy studio, but they DID have cave paintings that they used to help them remember the important things; epic hunts, brilliant discoveries, and one another. Moving a little further down the homo sapiens timeline, you have the tradition of sitting for the portrait painter, followed by early family photography mere centuries later. 

Why are humans as a species, so determined to capture images of those in our unique family units? Why do we feel the need to have a small piece of their essence with us forever? 

Because life is temporary, and it goes by fast. 

Our children are born, they grow, they leave. Somewhere in all of that if we are lucky, beautiful memories are made. And if we are very lucky, those memories are captured by a camera. Every parent misses their babies being home once they’re out making their way in the world....

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